pulseira em prata 950 – feito à mão (valor unitário)

Pulseira Contido

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  • Feito a mão em Prata 950 | Linha Contido


    Estoque – máximo de 20 dias para produção (consulte-nos sobre a disponibilidade pronta entrega).


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Premium payment method

Tap the crown icon at the top right corner of the main screen on VLLO app to enter the store to purchase VLLO Premium. VLLO Premium is available as a lifetime subscription, which allows you to use the service without additional payments after the initial purchase, as well as monthly/annual subscriptions. Payments are made on monthly basis for monthly subscriptions and annually for annual subscriptions. Once you purchase a lifetime subscription, you can use it for lifetime with no additional payments after the initial payment. (However, the purchase will not be restored if your phone's *store is changed due to change of the device or if the account from which the payment was made is changed.) *If the phone's store is changed from AppStore (iOS) to Play Store (Android) or vice versa, the purchase will not be linked. Payment for VLLO Premium can be made through any of the stores (AppStore, Play Store). You can proceed with payment by registering your preferred payment method at any of the stores. If your payment fails, please contact the customer service center of the store you have used.

(iOS) Family Sharing/(Android)Family Content Library

(iOS) Family Sharing Family Sharing is a feature that allows you to share Apple services with up to six family members or friends. However, in-app purchases are not included in shared items. The VLLO app does not count as a family share item due to premium payments made through in-app purchases. Please refer to the App Store page at the bottom for more information about sharing the App Store family. Android's “Family Content Library” is the ability to share apps, games, movies, TV shows, eBooks, and audiobooks purchased from the Play Store with up to five family members using the Play Store's Family Library.
However, in-app purchases are not included in shared items. *In-app purchase: When additional payment is made within the app after downloading the app, not when downloading the app. Therefore, the VLLO premium of the VLLO app is not included in the Family Sharing/Family Content Library item because payment is made through in-app purchase.

VLLO Premium

If you purchase VLLO Premium, you will be able to use all the functions on the VLLO app. - 200+ Background Music / 450+ Sound Effects - 2200+ Motion Stickers - 120+ Frames - 180+ Labels - 50+ Subtitles - PIP Video - Chroma key - Filters, Adjustments, Blurring - Backgrounds\n- Animations - Graphic Transitions VLLO Premium is available as a lifetime subscription or monthly subscription packages. The lifetime subscription is a one-time charge that allows you to use all functions without paying any additional fees. The monthly subscription gets renewed automatically if you do not cancel within 24 hours of the monthly renewal date. Subscriptions will be charged through your iTunes account upon verifying your purchase. Refunds cannot be issued once your subscription is renewed.

How do I cancel my free trial or subscription?

All subscriptions (months/years), including the 3-day free trial, will automatically renew even if the app is uninstalled or not used unless canceled within the period. Even if you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to use the app until the next billing day. If you do not want to renew your subscription after the free trial or subscription, please cancel within 24 hours before the end of the free trial period. You cannot cancel a renewed subscription. [iOS] 1. Open the Settings app on your mobile phone. 2. Tap on your name. 3. Tap 'Subscribe'. 4. Tap on the subscription you want to manage. 5. Tap 'Cancel Subscription'. If you cannot see the 'Cancel Subscription' option, this means that the subscription was already canceled and will not be renewed. [Android] Go to Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account. At the left, click My subscriptions. Select the subscription you want to cancel. Click Manage Cancel Subscription. Within the confirmation pop-up, click Yes

How to restore VLLO Premium purchases

You do not need to login for VLLO. Hence, your purchase history is available from the store you used to purchase. Use the same account as the store (e.g. App Store - App Store / Google Play Store - Google Play Store) to get premium services by restoring your purchases. 1. Log in to the App Store with the same Apple account. 2. Press VLLO main menu > Crown icon on the upper right corner > Have you already purchased?’ However, please understand that it is difficult to link premiums in the case of device changes with different stores, such as AppStore ↔ Play Store, as the store itself varies depending on the operating system. ex) Changing to the iPhone while using the Galaxy or changing the device to the Galaxy while using the iPhone cannot restore premium purchases.

When you're unable to restore your purchase

[Purchase restoration error on iOS]

Please login again even if you are logged in to the same AppStore account you used to purchase the app.
Then turn off and restart your phone. After a while, try to restore the purchase at the bottom of the VLLO Store.

However, if your purchase is not restored normally, please delete the VLLO app and login again to the same AppStore account you used for the purchase.
After logging in again, re-install the VLLO app. Try restoring your purchase through the "Already purchased?" button at the bottom of the VLLO Store page.
※However, if you delete the app, all projects will be deleted and cannot be restored.

[Purchase restoration error on Android]

If you're using the Play Store with multiple accounts, an error may occur when loading your purchase history.
Please login only to the account you used to purchase the app and log out (delete) from all the other accounts.

After only logging in to the Play Store account you used for purchase, you can restore your purchase by tapping the "Already purchased?" button at the bottom of the VLLO Store.
(It may take up to 24 hours to retrieve purchases from the main account after deleting the other accounts.)

VLLO Premium Purchase Receipt

As explained in question 2'VLLO Premium Payment Method' on the Purchase tab, premium payment is made through the AppStore or Play Store.
Please check through the official link of the store where you can check the receipt at each store.
You can check the receipt from the link below.
AppStore(iOS) receipt > PlayStore(Android) receipt >


Does VLLO have auto-save function?

Since user convenience is the top priority, the VLLO app automatically saves all edited projects in "My Projects."
All projects are automatically saved even if you do not save them to temporary files.
(However, those projects are saved when you tap the "Done" button at the bottom after applying the feature. If you do not tap the "Done" button after using a feature, the feature will not be applied.)

You can check the saved project in "My project" on the main page of the VLLO app.

How can I save my project? Extract button turned into Red.

You can export all videos with or without VLLO Premium. When you export your video by tapping the export button at the top right of the edit screen, it is saved in the Photos app (Gallery app) of your device However, if the export button is changed to a red padlock as shown below, please check if you are using any premium features. Premium features include PIP video, adjustment, premium music, and etc. they're indicated with a red padlock. If you use the premium features, the export button turns red. In this case, the video cannot be exported unless you purchase VLLO Premium. (For further concerns regarding VLLO Premium, please read the questions on the Payment tab.) If you do not want to purchase Premium, remove all the premium features and export the video for free.

Black screen/logo screen

If the original media in the Photos/Gallery of your device has been deleted, you will not be able to view them in your VLLO project. To indicate that the original file you have used in your proejct has been deleted from the device, plain black screen will appear on iOS devices, and a logo screen with the phrase, "Some media items could not be found" will appear on Android devices.

If you have deleted the original video/image, you must restore it from the Recycle Bin of the Gallery app (Android) / "Recently Deleted Items" folder of the Photos app (iOS).
After restoring the original video/image, restart the VLLO app. Then you will be able to see and use the media in VLLO project again.

Issues related to videos saved in the gallery

When saving a video after editing, if you turn off the app during the export screen or leave the VLLO app running in the background to run other apps, the video saved in the gallery may continuously flicker, or the same screen may be repeated.

Please wait for a moment and stay on the saving screen of the VLLO app until it has been saved.

If a problem occurs while using VLLO

Errors may occur through multiple paths while editing or saving. Please let us know in detail about the error so that we could help you after checking the problem.

Please send an email to with the following information:

1. Simple editing process (split, add external sound, control speed, reverse video, PIP, etc.)
2. Device type used for editing
3. Device software version
4. VLLO app setting screen (screen shot of the screen displayed when tapping the ≡ icon at the top left of the VLLO's main screen)
5. The device that filmed the video imported to the project or its transmission path (a video shot by using a personal device, a video downloaded over the Internet, a video downloaded through Messenger, etc.)
6. Screenshot of the page or situation where the issue occured


Project recovery in case of reinstallation after deleting VLLO app

If you delete the app, all the existing projects you have saved in 'My Project' will be deleted. Please note that you will not be able to restore.

Restoring a deleted project

If you have deleted a project, you can restore the project within a certain period (7 days) from the project recycle bin.

From Main Screen, go to View More Projects (...) and then to Recycle Bin to see the deleted projects.

Deleted projects are permanently deleted after seven 7days.

You will not be able to restore permanently deleted projects.

How to delete a project

You can delete projects that you do not want to edit anymore from "My Projects" on the main screen of the VLLO app. [iOS]
You can delete it by tapping the ... icon at the top right of the project. [Android] 1. Select More on the middle right of the first screen of VLLO. 2. If you have moved to My Project, please click Edit on the top right. 3. Tap and select the projects you want to delete, then click the Delete button at the bottom right.


Copyright of videos exported with VLLO

You can use all background music, fonts, subtitles, stickers, etc., provided by the latest version of VLLO for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

In addition, you can upload videos exported with VLLO to YouTube, your website, or other social media.
A mark of the source is not required, but it is recommended.

However, please note that transmission to TV or radio and *resale are strictly prohibited.
(*Resale: The act of selling the video, the act of exporting the function provided by the VLLO app itself and selling it separately, etc.)

Issues related to copyright infringement reports after uploading to YouTube

All background music provided by VLLO is copyrighted by VLLO.
Therefore, you can use VLLO's background music on social media or websites without concern for copyright issues.

However, if a copyright issue occurs on YouTube, it may be caused by some similar sound source codes.
Please screen capture the name of the VLLO sound source you have used and the detailed page of the copyright infringement report, and send it to
After checking the contents, we will provide a detailed guide on how to file an objection to the copyright infringement report.


How to use VLLO

We are continuously uploading basic functions and FAQs to VLLO's official YouTube channel . YouTube :

PC version

VLLO currently does not provide support for an official PC version.
We will try to provide support for a PC version in the future.

However, please note that you can run VLLO on recently released Macbooks equipped with the Apple M1 chipset.

Cannot play on PC

When exporting a video after editing on VLLO, the app exports it with the latest codec, HEVC (H.265).
*When exporting with HEVC, high-resolution 4K videos are compressed maximally without damage and stored in the device. Videos are exported with the HEVC codec on most of the latest devices.

Despite the video being saved as MP4 files, issues like not being able to play the image and only being able to hear sounds may still occur when trying to play the video on a media player of certain websites or on your laptop or desktop.
This problem occurs due to the HEVC codec not being installed in the media player you have used. Thus, please try installing the latest codec or convert the saved video individually to other types.

For desktops and laptops, download the HEVC codec individually or download a media player that provides the HEVC codec to play the video.
If some websites do not support the HEVC codec, please request the latest codec support on the website or convert the video to the H.264 codec with an encoder program to play the video.

If the video extracted with VLLO does not play after transferring it to your desktop, it may be due to not having the latest HEVC codec (HEVC Video Extensions) on your device.
You should either download the latest HEVC codec on your desktop/laptop or download a video player that includes the latest HEVC codec before playing the video.

Loss of video quality after uploading on YouTube

When you upload a video on YouTube, the video quality will be updated as 360P first.

That's because YouTube renders the video from the lowest quality to the highest quality.
You can also confirm this at the official YouTube Help Center.

Processing time may vary depending on various factors, such as video format, length, frame rate, and resolution, and videos with higher resolutions, such as 4K or 1080p, can take more time to process.
While the video is being processed, your video may appear to be missing higher resolution options for several hours.

However if the higher resolution options are still missing even after waiting for a while, please contact the YouTube Help Center for more details.

Unable to select photo/video from gallery

Unable to select photo/video from gallery

This is an issue when you cannot select photos/videos stored in your device's gallery because the access has not being given to the app to use medias from the gallery.
Go to Settings on your device, find VLLO app and give permission to access "Photos". When done, all photos/videos in the gallery will be displayed normally in the list.

Keyboard shortcuts (iOS)

You can check all the keyboard shortcuts through the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab in the menu that appears after tapping the ? icon at the top of the edit screen.
On VLLO, shortcuts can be used based on English setting while tapping a video clip.
If the keyboard language is set to Korean, it may be difficult to use shortcuts.
(If keys such as X, C, or V do not work while the space bar works fine, please check the Korean/English keyboard language settings.)

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