aliança pb em prata 950 e madeira – feito à mão (preço unitário)

Aliança Grossa

PreçoA partir de R$ 290,00
  • Feito a mão em Prata 950 e Madeira | Linha PB


    Estoque – máximo de até 20 dias para produção (consulte-nos sobre a disponibilidade pronta entrega).


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Why are you called Light of Life?  Do you belong to a Christian Organisation?

People who manage the clinic are Christians. No, the clinic does not belong to a Christian Organisation.

What are your operating hours?  Which days are you opened?

Our operating hours are: Thursday to Saturday, 2-4pm Monday, Wednesday to Sunday, 5-10pm. We are closed on Tuesdays and all Public Holidays.

What type of pets do you consult?

We consult dogs, cats, parrots, poultry, small mammals like hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, chelonian and amphibians.

How do I arrange to consult the veterinarian with my pet?

You can call our clinic at 62433282 during operating hours to arrange for a consultation appointment.

Can I walk in, must I make an appointment?

**Please refer to our COVID 19 Protocol. Our consultation appointments are pre-arrange at least 2 hours prior to the desired time. Patients that wish to consult the veterinarian without a pre-booked appointment may have to wait between 2-4 hours due to our busy schedule.

My pet has an emergency, can you attend to my emergency now, without an appointment?

**Please refer to our COVID 19 Protocol. All authentic emergencies will be given priority. We can stabilize most medical conditions with our current facility and equipment, however critically ill patients will be referred to any available 24 hour medical facility for intensive care and further treatment.

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